My son better read more than his dad does!

I’ve always been a reader. When I bawled for hours each time my big sister left for kindergarten, my mom read me a story she wrote about little Lisa whose big sister colored and played games at school (just like I could do at home, pretending Ashley was doing the same!). When that same big sister learned to read, I was her willing student.

When I discovered I was pregnant, I was thrilled, and I immediately began buying not little baby socks or colorful rattles but bedtime story collections and board books galore. My just-before-bed routine changed from reading the latest Dan Brown to reading The Littlest Pirate.

Max is now 8 months old, and being the voracious reader I am (I’m talking, I read a lot. If he’s not in the mood to listen on my lap, I’ll let him get down and play, but I’m finishing that story out loud!), we’ve gone through dozens of stories. Since I know we’ll go through hundreds more in the years to come, I thought I would start this blog to let you know how Max and I feel about them.

Feel free to come back and read our reviews!


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