I’m a duck and you’re a bear

“Witzy’s Fun Bath” written by Katie Kobbie and illustrated by Suzy Spafford

Witzy’s Fun Bath Cover Art

One of the lessons of the board book is that taking baths can be fun. Four characters open the story, Patches the giraffe and Lulla the bunny watching Witzy the duck and Boof the bear playing in the rain and mud. Witzy is excited to take a bath after they play, but Boof is somewhat wary about it.

Through the other three friends’ prodding, Boof agrees and gets in the tub with Witzy. Throughout the bath, Boof realizes that he does like certain aspects of the bath (“bears DO like bubbles”); this struck me as a great way to coax my little one into doing things he doesn’t want to by pointing out the certain things involved that he might enjoy!

The other big lesson taught through the bath book is that friends can have differences and still be friends. While Witzy and Boof are in the tub, they notice that Witzy floats while Boof sinks. When they get out, they notice that Witzy gets dry quickly, while Boof takes longer to dry off. The characters basically shrug their shoulders and say yes, we are different. Then they go back to playing.

I really enjoy this lesson in the book because of course Max will grow up with friends who look different than he does, or who sound different or like different things than he does. I love that through reading him this book I can get him to realize at such a young age that being different from other people doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with them.

Witzy’s Fun Bath deserves 4 snacks:


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