Do you see that Snort?

Last night, Max and I read three books as part of our efforts toward the reading streak.

First, we read his Uncle Cory’s favorite book from when he was little, P.D. Eastman’s “Are You My Mother”. We have a pocket-size, board book edition of the classic that Mom and I found at a yard sale and brought home for 75 cents. I love this story for the memories it always brings: my parents continuing to point out Snorts – still calling them by that endearment – on into their children’s high school years; and my younger brother asking if we could read it again. Max’s Grandma Sherry even bought him a onesie depicting a Snort with the phrase “Grandma Digs Me’.

Besides the sentimental value, as we read through the book I thought of several lessons – such as the problem solving and reasoning skills shown by the baby bird, the fact that Mommy always comes back to Max just like the momma bird, and that it is good to help others like the Snort helped the baby bird – to discuss with my little guy as he gets older and will answer my questions during story time. Right now I can tell he’s thinking about what I’m asking, but so far his only input is “Uh, Momma, uh!”

The other two books we read were “Wild Animals: A Sparkle Book” from Flowerpot Press and “Big, small, short, tall: Book of Opposites” from Disney. The sparkle book was one I picked up at the Dollar Tree because it was a cheap board book. Those are both hard to destroy and cheap to replace – two great characteristics in anything baby-related. I also thought Max would enjoy the sparkle parts, which look and feel like shiny wrapping paper cutouts throughout the story. He didn’t seem to care about them during this read through, though he could still be too young for that.

The Disney book was a baby shower gift, and it compares characters from different Disney movies, such as Dumbo and the Aristocats. While comprised of few words, the final pair on the last page, “Pals All” teach a great lesson that though we might be different from our friends in some ways, we are the same in others and can still be good friends. They must have talked to Witzy!

Are You My Mother deserves 5 snacks:

Wild Animals: A Sparkle Book deserves 2 snacks:

Big, small, short, tall: Book of Opposites deserves 3 snacks:


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