Fergus Frog Freaks Me Out

Last night, little man and I read “Fergus Frog“, which was a Christmas present from his Aunt Amber. He loves this book and always grabs for it because of the movable eyes smack in the middle of each right-hand page and the corresponding holes in the left-hand pages.

The pages of the book follow Fergus Frog from his lillypad with his sisters and brothers, all the way through the countryside and back to a lillypad with a new frog – this one with a flower on her head. It’s interesting that it’s sort of the lifecycle of the frog, from birth to adventure to settling down.

As he gets older, I imagine that Max will love the brightly drawn illustrations in the book, even though they kind of put me off as being a little gross. When the eyes belong to the dairy cow, the veins of the eyes are featured and pretty much creep me out. It definitely strikes me as a ‘boy’ picture book.

In the end, it’s great for Max’s motor skills as he tries to move the eyes himself, and the animals are silly enough to keep his attention – which is tough when you’re dealing with a 10 month old!

Fergus Frog deserves 3 snacks:


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