Guh-Guh-Guh-Good Time with a Giggly Guy

The book Max and I shared before bedtime last night was one I picked up at the office. It wasn’t a book I worked on, so I came to it fresh when I found it and got the go-ahead to take it home to read to the little guy. It’s called TOO BIG!, is by Lavinia Pereira and Michelle Solomon – illustrated by Laurie A. Faust – and is a part of the First Sound Series, which introduces specific sounds throughout the story. This one focused on the sound made by the letter G.

The characters featured in the book are Gary and his pet dog (see the ‘guh’ sounds involved already?). The dog wakes Gary up in the morning and helps him get dressed by bringing him different articles of clothing, which Gary has asked him to ‘go get’. The gloves, green bag, and other pieces of clothing don’t fit, and come to find out this is because they all belong to another member of the family.

We enjoyed the book because of the minimal number of words per page (let’s face it, all infants have short attention spans) and the repetitive wording. The hints page at the beginning of the book offer great tips to parents teaching their kids to read, so this is one we’ll keep for a year or so from now 😉 (Hey, my kid’s smart!)

TOO BIG deserves 3 snacks:


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