A Million Ducks in My Head

Ever since Great-Grandma Lewis got Max four rubber ducks for Christmas, we’ve been all about ducks.ducks, kids book, childrens stories, Eric Carle, 10 Rubber Duckies

So when we walked into Kohls and saw Eric Carle’s “10 Little Rubber Ducks” staring us in the face, I wasn’t surprised by Max’s big smile. Since that day a month or so ago, I believe we’ve read the book about, oh, a million times!

The first thing Max does when I open up the hardback book is peel the cover off. He loves to gnaw on it while Momma reads. His other favorite thing to do is point at the ducks on each and every page. Not a big fan of the octopus/squid though!

I love all of the Carle books because the illustrations are so bright. Besides which, I remember reading them when I was little with my mom. We read this one while waiting in line somewhere, and then to keep the Carle train going, we also went through “Brown Bear”. Not that we had that book with us, but for some reason Momma’s got that one memorized.

The most interesting part of this book, besides the drawings, are that it was actually based on a news article the author read and then pictured. I’ve done that many times, wonder if I could make a headline into a book. I’ll try it sometime soon and let you know. Hopefully it turns out as well for me as it did for him!

10 Little Rubber Ducks deserves 5 snacks:


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