Where is Mommy’s Favorite Spot?

On the couch, the side by the lamp, with my baby and his board book in my lap 🙂

To the book!

According to my Momma, I couldn’t get enough of Lift the Flap books when I was little. Well, come on, Mom, what kid doesn’t want to figure things out on his or her own? Karen Katz’s “Where Is Baby’s Puppy?” capitalizes on kids’ independent streak by offering the flaps on every other page. On the left side page, you see the baby girl searching for her lost puppy. On the right side, you see a good hiding spot – inside the shower, under a blanket, in the laundry basket – and thereon lies the flap.

We only have a few of these Life the Flap books, so I had to show Max how to lift up the first couple, actually putting his little finger underneath the flap as he tried to pull away and eat something (who knows what – Momma’s shirt? the couch blanket? the remote?). After the first few, though, he had the hang of it; however, I still had to hold on to his little hand because he soon tried to bend the life out of the flaps. Poor things!

I read in one of those by-the-month development emails (you know the ones, sent by every single baby product producer out there) that kids Max’s age are now grasping the concept of when something or someone is present and when it is gone. This sort of Lift the Flap book strikes me as a great vehicle for practicing that idea.

Where Is Baby’s Puppy? deserves 4 snacks:


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