A Birthday Snack of Milk and Bookies

nonprofit, milk and bookies, children's birthday partyIn my research for publicizing a children’s book, I came across Milk and Bookies, a nonprofit organization that donates books to children in homeless shelters and other groups who don’t have access to their own books.

When I saw that the organization had a birthday angle, in which parents can throw their children a Milk and Bookies party and guests bring books to donate in lieu of presents, I immediately decided that this would be the theme of Max’s first birthday. Not only will the guests bring books to donate, but we’ll also have storytime, blank books for guests to create a book just for Max, and prizes for guests who come dressed as their favorite literary character!

I can see some parents waffling on this one, thinking that their children would be upset about not receiving birthday presents. On my end, I’m not so worried about it because:

  1. He’s 1. He doesn’t know what presents are.
  2. Our apartment is not large enough for another round of presents, if Christmas was any indication.

Some other benefits are being able to give to those less fortunate and being able to stress this idea of giving rather than receiving to Max as he grows up.

If your children are willing to give up presents for one birthday, give Milk and Bookies a shot. I’ll be sure to post pictures from the party so you know what fun you’re in for!


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