Battling Bedtime with the Berenstains

This weekend Max and I went to an independent bookstore here in Fishers. Mudsock Books and Curiosities Shoppe is hosting one of the authors I worked with a month or so ago for a booksigning later in March, so I went in to check it out and say hello. Of course we couldn’t leave without some new books, so I went to look for one for Max, only to find two Berenstain Bears books he had to have (plus two more I had to have by J.D. Robb):

  • The Berenstain Bears’ Bedtime Battle
  • The Berenstain Bears Kindness Counts

When we got home I wanted to read his books right away! I wondered if I would remember them from my own childhood. berenstain, stan jan mike berenstain, battle of bedtime, bedtime routineOf course I know it was a long time ago, but I’m usually pretty good with recognizing something I’ve read. My brother especially loved this series, and we even met them at some amusement park (I’m guessing in Orlando, FL since that’s where we went every Spring Break for several years). Unfortunately it was then naptime, so I had to wait until the little one woke up. When he finally blinked open his big blue eyes, we read through the bedtime battle book a couple times. I didn’t remember this one specifically, but I do recognize the battle that we fall into every night! Not even a year old yet, and Max already has an anti-bedtime policy.

berenstain bears, jan berenstain, mike berenstain, stan berenstain, bedtime battle, bedtime routinePoor Mama and Papa Bear just want the kids to go to sleep so they can get in some much-needed rest, but those kids agree with Max that sleeping is a waste of time. The goal of closed eyes and even breathing isn’t helped along by Papa Bear’s seeming inability to give his kids a bath. I guess bathtime must be a momma’s job in all houses, not just ours!

I love the bright colors and funny illustrations, though I’m a little unsure of the message – at the end of the book (Spoiler Alert), both parents fall asleep reading bedtime stories, and the kids stay awake reading in bed. I’d rather Max learned that it’s better to do what Momma says: just give up and go to sleep! That said, we enjoyed the book, and I can show Max when he gets older that he didn’t invent the “I need a drink,” the “Five more minutes,” or the “I’m not even tired” excuses. Gotta love the legacy of the Berenstains!

The Berenstain Bears’ Bedtime Battle deserves 3 snacks:


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