Even though he’s a stinker…

One of our favorite stories to read is I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak.

I love telling my little man how much I love him, and I want him to feel comfortable expressing his feelings as he gets holder, so this book is a good tool for reaching that goal.

Max is at the stage where he points at pretty much everything, so we have been teaching him what different things are, such as body parts, people, and objects around the house. Rossetti-Shustak’s book helps with this goal as it points out the¬† different parts of the baby’s body that are lovable, such as fingers, ears, eyes, nose and toes.

It also introduces opposites…

As well as emotions…

I Love You Through and Through, Rossetti-Shustak, children's book, kid's book, reading, kid litMy favorite part of the book is the page that mentions baby’s giggly side. That’s when I tickle Max until he shows me what giggly really means! Basically, this book’s got it all! I highly recommend it.

I Love You Through and Through deserves 5 snacks:


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