Share your snacks, silly!

To the Berenstain Bears, Kindness Counts!

And it counts in our house, too. Max will grow up knowing that people can argue sometimes, but they should always be kind to each other if they want others to be kind to them. Everyone has his or her own strengths, so we should never make fun of anyone for their weaknesses.

Brother Bear is the example in the story. He learned from Papa how to build and fly model airplanes. When Brother takes his latest pride and joy to the park to test it out, a neighbor boy asks to help him fly the model. Being a kind boy, Brother grants the smaller boy’s wish and doesn’t blame Billy when the plane crashes.

At the end of the story, Billy’s cousin returns the favor by allowing Brother to help with his rocket launch. This is a nice example of tit for tat kindness to explain the concept to little ones.

When Max gets older, I’ll explain to him with this book that even if he doesn’t get something tangible, like the chance to shoot a rocket, for being kind to someone, he still will feel good about himself for making someone else feel good.

Great lesson, Berenstains!

The Berenstain Bears Kindness Counts deserves 5 snacks:


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