Wild Hopes for My Wild Thing

Maurice Sendak, Where the Wild Things Are, Max, children's book, picture book, Halloween costumeToday I’m inspired by the loss of a beloved children’s author, Maurice Sendak, to add a couple of books to my Max’s bookshelves. I’m also thinking I have a good idea for his next Halloween costume – what could be better than Sendak’s Max’s King Wild Thing pj’s for a little man named Max?

My memories of Where the Wild Things Are include my parents and siblings crowded on the couch with my little brother pointing out all the monsters’ teeth. Sendak’s works inspired children of all ages to read and imagine, and his most popular in particular did so for boys.

Literacy research shows that boys and girls have different levels of motivation to read and that their brains work differently in processing language. Girls’ physiology seem to set them up to love reading, while with boys the practice is something they need to work at. Sendak’s Max had the imagination and the adventure to reel in boys and their imaginations, offering parents a great choice in reading material to introduce their boys to a love of reading.

For more books that will nurture your son’s love of reading, visit author James Patterson’s site with great reads for boys in several age groups and read a CNN article in which he gives further tips.

My wild hope for my Wild Max is for him to love reading more than any other girl or boy his age, and for that love to fuel his imagination and his passion for creativity as he grows.


2 thoughts on “Wild Hopes for My Wild Thing

  1. my little people love to read…i’m sure as enthusiastic about books as you are, max will be too! it certainly rubbed off on mine!

    • Awesome! That’s good to hear. My friend Emily watched him a couple hours last week, and she said as soon as we left and he calmed down, he started asking for books 🙂

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