25 Things I Love About My Mom

For Mothers’ Day, I tweeted one thing I love about my mom every hour.
  1. She used to cut my crusts off.
  2. She strokes my hair when I put my head in her lap.
  3. She let me take gymnastics at age 3 so I wouldn’t die trying to emulate my big sister.
  4. She let me put together my own outfits, even when my big sister stomped her foot and asked, “Are you really letting her wear that?”
  5. She still likes to watch home videos of me when I was little.
  6. Mom and daughter, wedding

    Mom and I in the dressing room at my wedding.

    She tells me she loves to hear me sing.

  7. She supported me through every sport and activity I ever wanted to try.
  8. She coached my high school dance team so she could make sure practice times would fit in my schedule.
  9. She cheered me through every game, meet, match, and competition.
  10. She never misses an opportunity to tell me how proud of me she is.
  11. She taught me that reading in the car with your feet up on the dash is the only way to travel.
  12. She cried every time she left me at college or I left to go back to school.
  13. She is a wonderful teacher who never hesitates to offer her students whatever they need.
  14. She spearheaded a project in an Evansville, Ind. trailer park to offer a trailer w/tutors to students there.
  15. She genuinely loves when her broke children give her photos of them for presents. No, really, she does.
  16. grandma and grandson, love

    Mom and Max on our vacation in Florida.

    She can be friends with my friends without being creepy. Not all moms can do that.

  17. She taught me how to be a mom.
  18. She spent an entire week with me when I had my little man last year.
  19. She gets my toddler to sleep every time she visits. It’s a tough job and grandma is the right person for it!
  20. We can talk on the phone for hours and not run out of things to say.
  21. She can make friends anywhere – even in the bathroom at Holiday World! (Yes, that was a specific incident.)
  22. She is always the first one out on the dance floor.
  23. She is a compassionate, caring, loving person.
  24. She is a strong woman.
  25. She makes me want to be just like her when I grow up.

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