What’s on your reading playlist?

Reading opens new worlds. Music helps you enjoy them!

Max had a wonderful time at his first concert Saturday (May 19) at the Klipsch Music Center in Noblesville. We caught the tail-end of Scotty McCreery’s set, enjoyed the entire list by The Band Perry, and then really got into dancing when Brad Paisley jumped on stage.

The country singer dedicated “Ticks” to all of us on the lawn, and even played “Letter to Me” at the back of the Pavilion, close to the cheap seats. Other great moments were during “Whiskey Lullabye” and “Remind Me” when Kimberly Perry of The Band Perry joined him for Alison Krauss’ and Carrie Underwood’s verses.

First, Max pointed at every bird in the vicinity.

1st concert 5

Then, he stuffed his face with animal crackers.
1st concert4Next, he danced on Daddy’s shoulders.

1st concert2

Then cousin Jasmine got a chance to share in his moves.

1st concertBy the end of the night, Max was sleepy and just wanted Mommy to hold him and sway. No mommy could refuse that face or those hugs!

1st concert3


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