You’re such a silly goose!

Silly Little Goose by Nancy Tafuri is a cute little read with a lot to teach. It introduces Max to perseverance, matching different animals to their habitats, and recycling.

goose, bird, animal, farm, gosling, chickThe goose searches throughout the pages for a spot to make a nest for her soon-to-be goslings; however, everywhere on the farm that looks like a good spot is already taken! The pigs take up the entire sty, the hens lay claim to the henhouse, and cats crowd the lined crate. What’s a goose to do?

She keeps looking! This little goose continues trying, no matter how many setbacks there are along her way. She has this in common with the little bird in Are You My Mother. What a wonderful lesson for your little one!

With each potential nesting spot, the little goose introduces the reader to a new animal. Whether a pig, a hen, a cat, or another barnyard soul, the animal is shown in its natural habitat with the whole family. All these animals are prime for teaching your little one not only where they live, but also what sound they make.

At the very beginning of the board book, we see the wind take away the farmer’s hat. Throughout the story’s pages, the hat follows the goose – or the goose follows the hat – around the farm until the silly goose finally puts two and two together and lays her eggs inside the nice brown fabric. This scene opens the conversation up to recycling.

What will all the lessons to be learned from its thick and colorful pages, Silly Little Goose deserves 5 snacks:


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