Book Clubs for Babies

In the last few months, I have joined three book clubs:

  • at church
  • with co-workers
  • online at Jezebel

Each of the book clubs meet monthly, and since I read way more than three books a month, it is no problem for me to keep up with all three. As I said on Twitter recently:

tweet, twitter, book club, @jaymielynnie, Jaymie ShookAll this discussion over books with individuals in my peer group (co-workers) and those outside my peer group (I definitely bring down the average age at my church club) widens my worldview. It gives me topics to ponder that I probably would have glossed over if I had just read the book and moved on the next one. In addition, the variety of books chosen to discuss opens my literature world to genres I would have ignored if left to my own devices.

The book clubs I’m involved in have been wonderful! As always, when I love something, I’m always trying to figure out how to pass it down to Max.

In this case, he can’t read yet and he says about 10 words (mama, dada, broke[n], quack, hot, pool, more, yes, cookie, teeth), though some of them still need Mom or Dad as a translator. (The nodding and shaking of the head are pretty self-explanatory, as are his sign language for ‘more’ and ‘drink’.) So, the reading and discussion elements of the book club are sort of out.

However: we read to Max daily, and he loves to look at the pictures and turn the pages. He has one Blue’s Clues book that he interacts with, pointing to his own nose, mouth, ears and eyes. So he definitely understands what we’re doing and his little mind is opened to the new worlds reading brings already.

library, story time, book clubBack to the title of the post, Book Clubs for Babies. The library (and likely your children’s museum) has story-time, where a library employee reads/acts out books for the little ones. This is a baby step toward book club, in my mind, because just like in an adult’s book club, the children experience a book with their peer group and react to what they hear. That’s what a book club is all about.

I encourage you, then, to take your little ones to their own ‘book clubs’ or even host them in your home. Invite some neighbor kids over to hear a story. You’ll love watching your child’s eyes light up and his imagination expand!


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