What CareBears and apples teach kids

I think it was the CareBears who said “Sharing is caring!”

Apples of Love by Terry Gentry brings to mind this little rhyme for a couple of reasons:

  1. The story appears in verse.
  2. It relates sharing as the most important lesson for children to learn.

This book rode along with us in the car for several days after I received it from Gentry’s publicist, and Max noticed it and paged through it by himself during car rides. Even before he heard a single word, he enjoyed pointing at all the apples on the ground. The book finally made it into the house clutched in Max’s little hands!

Apples of Love by Terry Gentry, WestBow PressThe story opens with a little girl talking about the great times she has at her grandparents’ house, out working in the yard with her grandpa. The apple trees in the yard inspire the grandpa to teach his granddaughter about all the little blessings God grants us and urge her to share those blessings to make them multiply.

I love that message!

We’ve read Apples of Love quite a few times already, and each time the verse gets a little more familiar and easier for me to read aloud. I mentioned in a previous review that in general I get enough practice at this kind of thing. The rhyming seemed forced at a couple of different points, and I honestly thought the story might have been more appealing in a narrative style instead of verse, but overall the author did a good job of conveying her message of love, sharing, and God’s blessings through the grandfather and granddaughter’s story.

This book deserves 3 snacks:


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