Anything with Dancing in the title…

will certainly be a hit with my little one. He’s got some great moves!

The Knife and the Fork Go Dancing really starts with no dancing at all, but by the end author Traudi Allen shows some beautiful moves of her own through two of her three main characters, fork and knife. (Spoon watches and gleams.)

The Knife and Fork Go Dancing, Traudi Allen, Rob CowanA little boy’s utensils have some difficulties deciding who’s the most important, and who should therefore get the most delightful spot on the placemat.

When things get physical, the spoon takes the role of moderator. She separates her friends and asks them to think about how squabbling makes them feel. Fork and knife decide that fighting really doesn’t make them feel better at all, and they decide to behave.

What a great lesson for children with siblings! I remember my mom despairing over my sister and I continually biting each other. Eventually, she sat down in the hallway between our bedrooms (where we were in timeout) and cried. When we heard, we snuck out of our rooms, patted her face with our baby hands, and never bit each other again. Reading this book might be a bit less of an emotional toll!

Illustrator Rob Cowan shows the knife and fork making up by swaying on the dinner table to lovely orchestra music. A piano, violins, and trumpets make an appearance, so when Max grows up a little, I’ll be able to use the illustrations to teach him about different instruments.

Reading Allen’s book, you can talk with your children about friendship, working together, and even equality. I value these qualities so much that I think The Knife and the Fork Go Dancing deserves 4 snacks:

Snacks, Gerber


3 thoughts on “Anything with Dancing in the title…

  1. I LOVE that book cover! Ah yes, the siblings. My kids prefer to cut each other with their words. I find myself saying “Both of you aren’t allowed to talk to each other, about each other…never mind, just don’t talk at all!” It’s awful, but I guess it was the same way with my brother. lol

    Thanks for hosting the Kid Lit Blog Hop with me Jaymie! So fun! 🙂

  2. What a great concept for a book! My son loves dancing, too, so I think he would love it! And how nice to have a way to talk to kids about getting along with others. Thanks for hosting again!

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