Mommy, Tell Me a Story!

Kid-Lit-Blog-HopI’m linking this post up with the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

For our first Kid Lit Blog Hop post, Max and I read two books in the “Mommy, Tell Me A Story” series. One was Mommy, Tell Me A Story About A Car, and the other was Mommy, Tell Me A Story About A Plane.

Mommy Tell Me A Story, About a Car, About a PlaneKristi Grimm authors the series, while her husband Dave Grimm illustrates it in colored pencil drawings. With their son Dillon as the inspiration for the series, it is truly a family affair. It must have been such fun to work on together! Each member of the family uses his or her own talent – writing, drawing, and curiosity – to produce a cute project.

What project could you and your family work on together? Max loves to dance, so with my (limited) singing skills and his daddy’s recording and editing skills, we could put together a music video J

In each book of the series, a little boy and his mom are waiting somewhere, and the boy asks his Mommy to tell him a story. In About A Car, the pair is on a long car ride, while in About A Plane, the two wait for a flight at the airport. I love the idea of telling your children a story to pass the time rather than passing them a video game!

The car in the first story has a best friend, Trip, a husky who rides in the front seat. They win races together all the time, but the one race they lose helps them win in other ways. It teaches readers to do the right thing.

In the second story, the airplane is lonely and feels sort of useless. Toward the end of the story he meets some swimming birds who make him enjoy the things he can do more than the things he can’t.

Max enjoyed the About A Car book the most – likely because ‘car’ and ‘doggy’ are both words he knows.

Though the rhyming of the books feels forced at times (Grimm characterizes Rusty the racecar as “red, with blue and yellow flame” to fit it with “his frame”), the stories are cute with good lessons for children to learn.

The Mommy Tell Me A Story series deserves three snacks:


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