Kid Lit Blog Hop Details

In our first week, we had 39 links to a variety of posts about favorite children’s books.  We also had 40 links listed in our Author, Publisher, Publicist list, meaning there are plenty of bloggers, authors, publishers, and others who want to talk about their love of children’s literature!

Kid-Lit-Blog-HopPlease take a minute to click on the links from Week #1 and make some new friends.  The Hop hostestess/co-hostesses have decided that in order to develop solid content on a regular basis for the Kid Lit Blog Hop and to give us the time to visit all the other links and really connect with others, we will be hosting the Hop twice per month. The Kid Lit Blog Hop will take place on the first and third Wednesday of every month.

The next iteration of the Hop will take place next week, Wed., Oct. 3. See you then!

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