A Momma’s dream come true

Kid-Lit-Blog-HopI’m linking this post up with the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

Rather than talk about a specific book today, I’d like to talk about a specific place for you to get your books. It’s fantastic to receive books for holidays/birthdays, but you can expand your reading pleasures in a cost-effective way. Max and I went to the library yesterday, and though it felt like we were only there for about 20 minutes, we stayed almost an hour.

Not only did I find the new Stephen King book to read for my book club, but we also selected 5 books for Max, including three Berenstain Bears books, a Halloween story, and a book about a boy named Max brushing his teeth (“Teeth!” my Max said when he saw it.)

Max also made a friend in the toy station, a little boy who was playing while his parents sat near him, working online. As Max joined his new friend, I let my eyes wander to the nearest shelf, where the librarians had put together goody bags filled with books and learning aids such as flash cards and directions for crafts. Did you know they did that? I didn’t!

We also picked up an Oct./Nov. calendar filled with fun events like Toddler Time, Bunny Hop, and Octoboo. These great events allow kids to interact over their love of reading – a Momma’s dream come true!

If you live near Hamilton County in Indiana, let me know and we’ll make a playdate to visit the library together with our little ones. Otherwise, get to your own library and find out what it has to offer your little ones!

What is your child’s favorite activity at the local library?

12 thoughts on “A Momma’s dream come true

  1. I agree, the library is one of my most favorite outings! My four year old son loves going to the kid’s reading corner that is filled with big fluffy pillows to lay on and read your new found books. We tend to leave the library with at least 5 new books each time…..more if I also bring my 8 and 10 year old daughters. I, personally, love going to the library by myself when all three are in school. The quiet of the library and the smell of the books is a spa like experience for me. πŸ™‚ Complete serenity.

  2. I live in Wabash, Indiana, but my family is in Indianapolis. We should work out a playdate! My little guy will be three in December but we go to the Preschool story time because his cousin will be 4 in December and he does anything she does. He loves watching the puppet shows!

    • That would be so fun! He sounds like me when I was little. I decided to learn to read and do gymnastics really young because my big sis was doing those things πŸ™‚ Max has a friend who’s 3, and he has the hero worship thing going on there too!

  3. We have always loved going to the library. Luckily for us, kids’ library cards don’t accrue fines. I just get dirty looks when I try to take out more books when I have some books overdue by a couple of weeks. tee hee…

    • Haha we definitely had some fines last time, BUT as long as they’re under $5 you can still check out more! I think that should get us through two more rounds πŸ™‚

  4. We love story time at the library. I may have to pick up that teeth brushing book for my boys. They would love it! Great to find you through the Kid Lit blog hop!

    • Thanks for visiting! Yes, Max adores that book. We always brush our teeth and do the dance now whenever we read it πŸ™‚

  5. We love the library! Unfortunately, one of my son’s favorite things to do there is run all over the place, so now that I am getting bigger and bigger in my pregnancy, we haven’t gone as often, since it’s hard to keep up with him! 😦

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