“Mr. No”

We had Max’s 18 month check-up last week, and I about choked when I read the Development Milestones title: “Mr. No”. How did they know that’s all Max has been saying for the past 3 weeks?

Halloween duck costumeYou see, I was smug, up until 3 weeks ago. Our child rarely told us no. In fact, if you asked him 10 questions, you’d get 9 yeses to each no. That didn’t last. Now, our world has flip-flopped. The little one’s default answer is now negative, and momma’s attitude is now not always positive!

For instance, we went to a neighborhood Halloween party Saturday, so we dolled Max up in his duck costume: webbed orange slippers, bright yellow bodysuit, and duck-billedΒ  hood. He’s been practicing his quacking for, oh, the past year, and he learned to flap his wings reading Down By The Cool of the Pool, so we thought we were set.


Little Mr. No quacked not once, for one single party guest. “No!” he told me repeatedly. “No!” he told our neighbors when they begged for just one quack. Sigh.

Witzy Says No, Little Suzy's ZooThe next morning I remembered a tool that could help. I’m not sure if it was the duck outfit or the nos, actually, that reminded me of Witzy, but boy, is Witzy Says No perfect for a momma at her wit’s end!

I’ve reviewed a Witzy book before, so you might be familiar with the little duck and his animal friends. In this Witzy adventure, the fowl decides it would be hilARious to answer his friends with nothing but No all day. They ask him to play catch; he says no. Fetch? No dice. Race? No way.

Witzy’s friends finally trip him up when they tell him all about this wonderful picnic they’re about to have and they ask him, “You wouldn’t want to miss it, would you?” Touche!

The book reminded me that 1) Max thinks he is silly rather than bad when he says no and 2) if Momma is creative about how she asks her questions, she can still get the outcomes she needs!

For these reminders, Witzy Says No deserves 5 snacks:


13 thoughts on ““Mr. No”

  1. This is classic development and assertion of the will. At least you can be glad he’s doing it from a place of silliness rather than obstinacy or defiance. Those will happen too. I bet you are a great mom!

  2. My son went through the ‘no’ phase too. I remember it WELL. πŸ˜‰ Glad you found a way to see past just the word. πŸ™‚ I’m a little late (life got in my way this weekend), but hopping around from the Lit Hop!

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