Pinterest Scavenger Hunt: Day 28

Are monsters too scary for not-quite-2 year olds? Max and I would say no, at least if we’re talking about the monsters in Ed Heck’s Many Marvelous Monsters.

Many Marvelous Monsters by Ed Heck

This book is perfect for little ones trying to get into the Halloween spirit.

Not only does Heck show monsters in a very silly light – 5 monsters show off their skills of juggling, balance, puppetry, singing, and strength in a Monster Talent Show – but he also allows children to practice their consonants with alliteration in the text (“Marvin the Magnificent magically makes many multicolored mice move!”).

Many Marvelous Monsters also provides plenty of opportunities for little ones to practice their counting. Try the mice that Marvin juggles, the puppets Purple Pete wiggles, and the umbrellas Blue Betty uses to stay on the high wire.

A major plus: if you read the book at Penguin’s We Give Books site, a book is donated to a child in need. Max and I have read about 10 books on the site at this point, and we plan to continue that volunteer ‘work’. Join us!

Many Marvelous Monsters deserves 4 snacks:

Snacks, Gerber

Thank you for participating in the Pinterest Scavenger Hunt! Today’s is the final clue. Head over to the Rafflecopter at All Done Monkey to win prizes!

Sponsor One:

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2 thoughts on “Pinterest Scavenger Hunt: Day 28

  1. This book looks super-cute. There’s really a line with younger children and Halloween between what gets them in the spirit and what just scares them. My daughter is much more sensitive, but my son is fearless. Thanks Jaymie! 🙂

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