A book nerd’s Christmas

[Updated: I’m traveling, so I originally published this post this from my phone. I have no idea why the shift button didn’t work, but it’s all fixed now!]

I arrived this morning in Miami, Florida, more than ready for the international Miami Book Fair. It’s like Christmas! I felt I’d been ready for it ever since last year, when half my team of publicists went down south to work the Author Solutions, Inc. booth, while a few other stragglers and I held down the fort at the office.

This year, I got to be one of the lucky ones flying down to the 80 degree weather. Score!

With all this build-up, you might think I was disappointed. In fact the street fair portion of the book fair, where I was set to work, was not actually in action yet; rather, we were in set-up mode all day. However, the team and I walked around to get our bearings and saw something that made my jaw drop and my heart sing…a children’s zone with activities tailor-made for getting kids to love reading. /what could be more fun than that? Nothing I forsee finding its way into my stocking!

Tomorrow, children are being celebrated at the book fair. No admission fee will be charged for children, so not only can they come and play all the fun games and take part in the festivities for free, but they can be around book-lovers who will really help them see the joy in reading. I can’t think of anything more exciting.

On second thought, it would be more exciting if Max could be here to share it with me. I love you, little one!

Visit tomorrow for some photos of the book fair, especially the children’s zone. You can also follow me on Twitter for my instant reactions, and/or follow the book fair tweets themselves. My other posts with photos of the book fair are here, here, and here.


11 thoughts on “A book nerd’s Christmas

  1. Jaymie, the fair sounds like the annual Word on the Street here in Canada. I usually attend the one in Toronto in September and there are always children-oriented presentations and plenty of children’s books advertised.

    • Hi Randy! Yes, I believe we go to that one too, but I haven’t been cool enough to get an invitation to work at that one, yet 🙂 Sounds like fun!

  2. Wow! I hope you get to go with him next time. It sounds like lots of fun! Visiting from the Kid Lit hop.

    Tina @ Amanda’s Books and More

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