Baby Jesus for Toddler Max

Kid-Lit-Blog-HopI’m linking this post up with the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

Max loves babies.

He sticks his face into other babies’ strollers when we’re at the playground; he picked out his own baby doll before he was a year old; and when Daddy asks him whether he wants a doggie or a baby, Momma likes his answer.

silent night bookThe story of Jesus’ birth involves adult concepts, such as sin, immaculate conception and Census-taking for tax purposes. Yet it all revolves around a baby.

One version of the Christmas story I’ve read to Max lately, “On a Silent Night” written by Joy Morgan Davis, does a wonderful job of showcasing Jesus and his mother’s love as it introduces little ones to the main points of Jesus’ birth:

  • God sent his son to be born to a woman on Earth.
  • The mother and the Wise Men cherished the son.
  • The son’s purpose is to save all of God’s children.

So, subject-wise, I really love this book for Max.

On another point, if you’ve read some of my past reviews of children’s books that rhyme, you know I’m a little annoyed when rhymes are easy to stumble over. This Bible Rhyme Story Time short is of course in rhyme, but I haven’t found myself having to reread any lines due to awkward syntax. That, I appreciate!

This is Max's new nativity scene. We've already had to glue Mary and Joseph's head coverings back on.

This is Max’s new nativity scene. We’ve already had to glue Mary and Joseph’s head coverings back on.

Paige Billin-Frye illustrated the Christmas story, and her style is very attractive. The cartoon drawings remind me of projects I used to do in God’s Little Church, where we cut out characters and scenes from felt and recreated the stories. She especially grabs Max’s attention given that three of the seven spreads focus on baby Jesus and Mary.

A note from the Editor appears at the end of the story, saying “[The book] was written to help little ones understand about God and who He is, what He does, and how he wants to be involved in our lives. As you read this book and talk about the Bible story, explain to your child that God loves all people – big and small.”

For that sentiment, as well as all those other reasons, “On a Silent Night” deserves 5 snacks:

5 snacks


20 thoughts on “Baby Jesus for Toddler Max

  1. Thanks for the post, I am delighted to find great book about Jesus birth that I can share with my little Gigi when she is a bit older. We have quite a few bible stories in our house but I am so glad for any recommendations. Cheers Julie

    • Hi Julie, thanks for visiting! We got this one as a gift, a packet of several books by this author. Let me know if you have any favorites!

  2. I love that you have had to re-glue Mary & Joseph’s covering! Oh the joy of having little ones around breakable things! 🙂 I will definitely have to check out the books you suggested! Thanks 🙂

    • You’re very welcome! I definitely love this one. I forgot to mention in the review that it’s just short enough to keep Max’s attention, too, which can be tricky 😉

  3. Yeeesssss… finally, someone else who is not afraid of criticizing rhyming!! Thank you for that! It makes me slightly batty when I’m reading out loud and the rhythm gets lost because of poor word choices.
    I really like the note from the Editor to the parents. It’s rather sad though that we need to be reminded of what Christmas is really about. It’s gotten so commercialized that why books such as these are so important.
    Thanks for sharing it in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Have a nice weekend! 😀

    • Hahaha kindred spirits! (A phrase from Anne of Green Gables, my favorite character ever!)

      It is sad, but true. Definitely calls us all to point out these books in particular!

  4. Thanks for adding this to the hop. This is exactly the kind of book I had in mind when I created the “Introducing you child to God” section on my blog. Now since you’ve done the work, I’ll just have to introduce the book and point to your review in a post…lol.

    @Renee I totally agree. I have a children’s Christmas book I was asked to review that explained the “true meaning” of Christmas without mentioning Christ.

    • Yes, definitely! We actually received it as a gift in the spring, but now’s a much more appropriate time to write about it 🙂

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