Eric Carle aids in Potty Training Tot

I have a two week break between my old job and new job (which starts Jan. 7!), so I decided to concentrate on potty training Max during that time. We’ve got 8 days left, and while he has gone in the potty, it certainly still isn’t routine.

The main issue is that he just doesn’t want to stand on his stool to go number one. He goes limp so Mommy has to hold all his weight while struggling to get him to stay in position. It wears me out! Sigh.

Number two has actually been easier since I let him bring a book into the bathroom and read it for him while he sat. He chose his very favorite, 10 Little Rubber Ducks. Eric Carle saves this mom yet again!

Moms: any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Eric Carle aids in Potty Training Tot

  1. How did you get on with potty training? I’m thinking about trying it out in the summer holidays if my son seems ready-we can be outside more and so accidents are less of an issue!

    • That’s a good plan. We’ve been doing okay, though it’s still not routine enough. The hard part is that we were traveling so much during the two weeks that I was home with him everyday that he still had to wear the diapers too much. We’ll get there, though!

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