Are those squirrels in your Easter basket?

Our favorite part of Hazel Nutt‘s What Squirrels Do series? Max really enjoyed that a baby wrote the books 🙂

Some of the ideas in What Squirrels Do When You Are Not Looking seemed like facts – like the page stating that even if you don’t see them, squirrels also do that thing that babies do in diapers. I’m glad Hazel Nutt didn’t go further and talk about where we might find that business walking through the woods!
Another realistic page imparted that whenever you see a swing swinging with no one on it, it’s because a squirrel just finished playing. That happens a lot, that we see swings going on their own. Next time, I’ll have Max search for a fun-loving squirrel!

Other pages were silly, which of course were the ones we really enjoyed giggling about, such as the squirrels in the grocery store.


The other books – What Squirrels Do: The Squirrel Olympics and What Squirrels Do: Just For Fun – seemed to follow the same themes of some serious, some silly situations in which squirrels might find themselves. Hazel Nutt, the narrator, lets the reader in on these secrets of the squirrels.

What Squirrels Do Hazel Nutt

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a huge fan of rhyming books. It seems to me that sometimes authors spend so much time trying to think of words that rhyme that the lines feel forced. The rhymes in What Squirrels Do weren’t seamless, but they didn’t put me off reading it, either.
Overall, what I got from the books were ideas for playing games outside with Max: looking for squirrels, trying to determine what games the squirrels we’re watching are playing, and so on.
It seems that Hazel Nutt had the same idea because next week for Easter, she has put together an event based on the squirrel books and focused on getting children outside playing.
Ditch the bunny, she says, and play with the squirrels!
On our part, the weather might hold us back, but I love the idea. If you take part, please post pictures to our fan page. We’d love to see them!
The What Squirrels Do series deserves three snacks:
3 snacks

3 thoughts on “Are those squirrels in your Easter basket?

  1. Thank you for your review of the What Squirrels Do books – love the fact they encouraged you to get ideas about going outside and spotting what squirrels might be doing – that’s one of the main reasons why we wrote them.

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