Me, too!

Max and his Pawpaw have a lot in common. They both love to tickle, they both love to surprise people and make them laugh, and they both like big birds.

The_Little_Sparrow_Named_Too_US_Version.225x225-75That last commonality makes me think they’ll enjoy reading a story sent to us by Playroom Books, The Little Sparrow Named Too. Of course sparrows aren’t big birds, not even big enough to fly south for the winter, but this little sparrow is determined that he’ll do whatever he wants to do, even find his way closer to the equator.

This is something I think Max can really relate to. There’s a lot toddlers are too little to do. They’re too little to choose their own seats in the car (especially if they want to be in the driver’s seat), they’re too little to reach their own cereal bowls, and they’re too little to play games with the big kids.

(I tried and tried to figure out why the sparrow was named “Too”. I’m not sure I cracked the code, but I could see the name originating from a toddler declaring “Me too!” a few too many times in Mom’s or Dad’s ears.)

In the story, rather than just complaining about having wings smaller than some butterflies’, Too the sparrow makes a plan. Like Icarus, he dons wings and takes to the sky. Too gathers feathers longer than his own, sticks them to his own wings with gum, and leaps from the highest peak in New York City.

Now, Too’s mom had specifically told him not to try such a stunt, so he would definitely be in the corner at our house, but Too also shows good qualities, such as determination to accomplish his goals and also creativity, which he displays when he gets in sharp trouble and has to figure out a way to survive.

The story is told in rhyme that seems really forced, and I was never able to find the rhythm, though I read it aloud more than once, but because of the traits Too displayed, The Little Sparrow Named Too deserves three snacks:

3 snacks


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