Tippy the Raindrop must live near Indiana

Yesterday, Max turned 2! We celebrated over the weekend, with a birthday party at our house. Max’s cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and friends joined us for his Very Hungry Caterpillar birthday party.

Max stood on the pool table to open his presents; giggled like crazy throwing crumpled balls of wrapping paper at Great-Grandpa Lewis; cried when everyone sang him happy birthday over his Caterpillar ice cream cake; and acted like a baseball player throwing snowballs from a mound of as-yet-unmelted snow near our driveway.

9781452557250_cover.inddThis got me thinking of Tippy the Raindrop, a drop of water that is the main character in a children’s book Max and I read. At different points in the book Tippy is a raindrop, then a snowflake, then back to a raindrop. He wants to stay a raindrop so he can help flowers grow, but someone tricks him into a cold cloud that changes him to a snowflake.

I decided he must live in Indiana because where else is the weather so crazy that we could have a mound of snow outside and not need to wear jackets to have a snowball fight, and a drop of water could so frequently change forms?

Today Max and I are happy to feature an interview with Theodora Klein, author of Tippy the Raindrop. We had some very important questions for her:

Snacks for Max: What’s your motto?

Theodora Klein, Tippy the Raindrop, authorTheodora: My motto is “do unto others as you want them to do unto you!” I also try to put a smile on someone’s face everyday by doing simple things like holding a  door open; smiling at someone and wishing them a blessed day and  letting them in during traffic.

Snacks for Max: When/how did you decide to start writing?

Theodora: I once was a nanny for a little girl, and I decided it would be a fun activity for her and I to write a children’s book. So we developed a story and I illustrated the pictures. I had so much fun doing this project with her that I decided to take a literature course for writing children’s books. I still have the story; it is called, “The Adventures of Bugless Bug.” It is on my list to publish professionally.

Snacks for Max: What does courage mean to you? Success?

Theodora: Courage is a state of mind. Courage, to me, is not allowing fear  to control the unknown. It is scary to do something you are not familiar with, but taking that scary task in hand and figuring out how to complete it is courageous. Success comes in different levels — overcoming any obstacle big or small!

Snacks for Max: How can we explain success to toddlers?

Theodora: Success is not measured by how many things or how much money you have. It is based on your integrity and character. It is achieved by doing what you say you are going to do and making sure your words match your actions! Growing up my mother taught me to know the value of hard work and to do my very best in everything I did. With these qualities I will always succeed in anything I put my mind to.

Snacks for Max: Max wants to know: what’s your favorite snack?

Theodora: I love cucumbers, cauliflower and radishes for a healthy snack. But my favorite not-so-healthy snack is potato chips!

Our (short!) review:

The story offers a fun science lesson about substances changing forms. That’s a great lead-in to some science experiments!

Besides the story about Tippy, Klein’s book also features coloring pages of the main characters that children can cut out and use to dramatize the story. Fun idea!

The only drawback we saw to the book was that it is wordy. I had to paraphrase each page to keep Max’s attention. As he gets older, I’m sure we’ll be able to read more with each picture, but for now, I’m reminded of Pixar’s rule #5:

Pixar Storytelling Rule. Simplify.

Tippy the Raindrop deserves 4 snacks:

Snacks, Gerber


10 thoughts on “Tippy the Raindrop must live near Indiana

  1. First of all… Happy Birthday Max!! 🙂

    I really enjoyed reading your interview with Theodora. I really like her motto and it’s so true that those small kindnesses go a long way in brightening someone’s day. Sounds like a fun little book for budding scientists. Thanks for the review and for linking it into the Kid Lit Blog Hop!

  2. Happy Birthday, Max!

    What a great interview and anytime Pixar is mentioned anywhere, I (and my daughter) are happy – she hopes to work for them one day. 🙂 Thanks for the review. Stopping by on the kid lit blog hop.

  3. Happy birthday, Max!
    I really enjoyed this interview; Theodora sounds like such a positive person! And the book looks like a lot of fun. 🙂

  4. Hi Jaymie
    Great review and awesome interview. Happy Birthday to Max.I absolutely love the Pixar’s storytelling rule, I am going to have to google them. Have a great weekend. Cheers Julie

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