Star Wars Meets The Land Before Time

For the longest time, the only thing Max would watch on TV was Dora. You might be thinking Hey, that’s great! Well, it would be, except it’s been raining a lot here in Indiana, and I have to keep little man occupied while I work from home. He’ll only color and play with Play-Doh so long!

So, I was thrilled when he started branching out and requesting some of the movies he opened at Christmas: All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Land Before Time, and The Lorax.

Bluey and The Great Spirit Moon, Robert Karl Hanson

I was reminded of The Land Before Time when we read through Bluey and The Great Spirit Moon. The main character’s environment is changing, and he goes on a quest with several friends to find his mother by following the voice of his father, which he hears in his dreams. It was also reminiscent of Star Wars, to me, because of all the crazy characters and names involved.

Bluey is a blue Rinothorus who hatches from an egg and is adopted by a Hipotot named Shee. He spends his early years in bliss with a loving parent and friends. As the author explains we all come from innocence. An idyllic childhood is how Hanson portrays this innocence for Bluey.

Meeting the many, many, many characters along Bluey’s journey showed a loss of innocence. In one dramatic turn of events, plant-eating animals run out of food and become carnivorous. Treachery shows the evil with which the land has become overrun.

Robert Karl HansonAs you can probably already tell, Bluey and The Great Spirit Moon is very dense with action, characters, and emotion. As I read through it, I thought it was too much for one book; it made much more sense once I learned that the author had adapted the book from his animated feature film project.

Hanson has already written the screenplay, drawn the artwork, and composed and recorded the soundtrack. If you visit his website, you can listen to the music and see Bluey’s live video of “Somebody Like Me”.

The book was much too old for my 2 year old, but I could see it being a good read for a 10 year old with a love for dinosaurs and a certain star-visiting cast of characters. The lessons of love and friendship are ones we all want our children to learn.

Bluey and The Great Spirit Moon deserves 3 snacks:

3 snacks


8 thoughts on “Star Wars Meets The Land Before Time

  1. Wow, it sounds so intriguing, not just for the story but the drive behind the author. I hope it makes it to animation one day with that much determination. Thanks for linking it in to the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Cheers Julie

  2. I think it’s really important to match the book to the audience so I appreciate that you say who it WOULD be good for too! Some of the themes do seem a bit “advanced”. Thanks for sharing in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. 🙂

  3. This does sound like a heavy topic. I really am thankful for your honest review and sharing your thoughts on who may enjoy the book more. I agree, with Katie, the title of your post was intriguing. Great review and thanks for hosting the kid lit blog hop.

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