Shel Mooseclumps

When I was little, I adored the Shel Silverstein poem collections. The rhyming, the silly ideas, and just the different way of looking at ordinary things drew me in. And then there was The Giving Tree, which simply took my breath away. I still cry when I read it.

catclumpsMooseclumps by Ryan T. Bliss is very reminiscent to me of Shel Silverstein, both from the structure of the book – it is a collection of poems – and from the whimsy involved in the content. The topics of the poems range from a grumpy cat with a crown to a nice monster with a teddy bear, to a knight being defeated by a magnet, to the ailing seasons.

mooseclumps When we first received the book in the mail from author Ryan T. Bliss, Max had just woken up from a nap. I opened the package and set the book on his lap. He glared at me. Then he threw the book.

So I read some poems to myself, and when I got to “Mooseclumps”, the titular poem about the grumpy cat, I had to laugh and tell Max that this book was perfect for him. You can see the page using the link above, but here’s the poem:

Mooseclumps is lazy.

Mooseclumps is fat.

Mooseclumps believes

he’s the King of all cats.

Mooseclumps is fuzzy.

Mooseclumps is gray.

Mooseclumps is grumpy,

so please go away.

readingPerfect, right?!

Since then, Max has chilled out and loves the illustrations in Mooseclumps. I’m very stingy as to rhyming in children’s books, but Bliss does a fantastic job with the cadence, so the rhyming worked for me.

We love the whimsy, the perspective, the illustration, and the cadence of Mooseclumps so much that it deserves 5 snacks:

5 snacks


4 thoughts on “Shel Mooseclumps

  1. I grew up reading and adoring Shel Silverstein as well. Still do, in fact. I just gifted a copy of “The Missing Piece” to a close, long-time friend. That being said, I would imagine “Mooseclumps” would fit nicely on my shelf (Ahem, make that shelves – who am I kidding? My house looks like a branch of the NYPL!) of children’s lit. Thanks for the spotlight on what promises to be a fun read.

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