Vacation reading and a surprise!

Max and I got to share our love of books with his cousins this week. We’re sharing a condo in Myrtle Beach with them, and when I told Max it was night-night book time, the two boys (7 & 8) joined us. When I pulled out our selections for the night…

  • Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book
  • Are You My Mother? (click HERE for our review)
  • The Cat in the Hat

…they looked at me goggle-eyed and asked, “You read three books every night?” I sheepishly nodded, and they enjoyed every minute of it.

The next night, the 7 year old helped me read one of the night-time books. It was funny because he’s learning to read, so he’s a little slower than Mommy, and Max had heard that particular book read so many times that he jumped in and told his cousin what words came next. Max’s cousin did a great job reading to us!

Some other books we’ve read this week are:

  • his Dora Adventure series (click HERE for our review)
    Minnie Red Riding Hood
  • The Three Musketeers (the Mickey Mouse version)

I tell you that simply because I wanted to share these photos of Max getting a Mickey Mouse airbrushed tattoo at Broadway on the Beach!

max's tattoo max's mickey tattoo


2 thoughts on “Vacation reading and a surprise!

    • Lol thanks. It was Daddy’s idea, but Max loved it! All three of his cousins had to have them too after Max got them. He’s such a trendsetter 😉

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