Our book clubiversary

I love books, and I love talking with my friends, who also love books, about books. Last year we decided to organize our own book club. At the time, we all worked together in the same office, so we saw each other every day.

One of our book club meetings in the fall of 2012

One of our book club meetings in the fall of 2012

Now, one year later, only two of us still work at the same site (with one of those having left and come back in the meantime!), so book club is even more important to us; sometimes it’s the only time in the month that we’re all able to get together.

We are so excited this month to celebrate our book club’s one year anniversary! Some of the books we have read include:

We got to thinking, what would be a great way to celebrate this occasion? How about presents! We would love to accept free books from authors as a party favor for our next meeting. What’s in it for you?

All six of us are social media savvy and tweet/post reviews (mostly Goodreads reviews) about what we read. Some of us blog about them as well: my page, Jessie’s blog, Emily’s blog, Brittani’s blog, and Courtney’s blog. We are willing to blog about the books we receive for our book clubiversary party and include pictures of us enjoying your book.

As you can see from the list above, we’re flexible about the genres we read, pretty evenly split between fiction and nonfiction but leaning toward women’s issues and female characters.

If you’re interested in sending us free e-books/paper copies of your book, please email me at jaymie.shook@gmail.com. If you know of someone trying to publicize their book, please share this post and my email address with them!

We’re so excited, and we just can’t hide it! Thank you!


10 thoughts on “Our book clubiversary

  1. What a great idea Jaymie, I won’t be so bold as to add mine as you are probably entirely sick of hearing about them lol. Book club sounds like an awesome initiative, so have a ball. Thanks for linking in to the kid lit blog hop. Best wishes, Julie

  2. I started a book club with the Moms from my daughter’s class a couple of years ago. We haven’t read any of your choices above, but we did almost choose We Have to Talk about Kevin one time. Did you enjoy that one? Some of your other options look really great too!

    I will tweet about your request and see if there is any interest. Thanks for hosting the Hop once again! 🙂

  3. I’ve just joined a book club – at my sports club. I’m reading the first one, Purple Hibiscus, which is not what I’m used to – but then that’s why I joined.

    You might like my third book – I’ll email you.

    Happy Bookiversay!

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