An Indiana cloud on an Indiana night

We’re happy today to review a sequel to Tippy the Raindrop by Theodora Klein-Carroll (our review here). This time, Tippy is not the one who’s lost; rather, Puffy Cloud, whose job it is to water the cornfields, is missing.

Tippy and the Runaway Cloud by Theodora Klein-CarrollTippy notices the poor corn plants are looking sad, and he promises Conductor Dusty (a real cowboy) to find the watering cloud and bring him back to the field. With the help of his trusty friend Misty the Pony, Tippy faces down Grumpy Lumpy cloud and gets the corn the water it needs.

I was happy that Theodora had so many fewer words per page for this Tippy adventure. It held my two-year-old’s attention the whole read-through!

What with the Grumpy Cloud and Puffy Cloud who was happy at the end, Tippy and the Runaway Cloud sparked a conversation about emotions. Some other topics that came up (that we’ll talk about in future readings) are bullying (Puffy Cloud flies away because Grumpy Lumpy was mean to him), teamwork (Tippy and Misty), and the concept of home.

Max coloring the Tippy drawingsMax’s favorite character was the happy cloud (I’m guessing that is Puffy Cloud after Tippy returns him to the corn plants). According to Max, the happy cloud is also Daddy’s favorite and Mommy’s favorite and Uncle Brandon’s favorite 🙂

Again, at the end of the book are pages for your little reader to color, cut out, and hang up as a mobile. We had lots of fun doing that!

Tippy and the Runaway Cloud deserves 4 snacks:

Snacks, Gerber


12 thoughts on “An Indiana cloud on an Indiana night

  1. Looks like a funtastic book! I really like it when there are multiple take-aways form a single read aloud session.So many things to explore! Thanks for sharing on Kid LIt Blog Hop!

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