Win Zack the Zombie in time for many Halloween readings!

**Update: We have a winner! Thank you to all who entered. The winning tweet came from Gaby:

Best of Summer 2013 Kid Lit Giveaway Hop

As a part of the “The Best of Summer Giveaway”, we are giving away a print copy of Zack the Zombie by Carolyn Sidwell, along with a $10 gift certificate to put toward your child’s zombie costume this Halloween!

Zach the Zombie cover by Carolyn SidwellZack the Zombie is just in time for Halloween and actually prompts a few costumes. One that you can see on the cover is a scary zombie with extra arms and legs. A second is an older sibling in chemistry clothes doing her sister a favor. Another is a child in pajamas holding Monster and Zombie spray, which is the image of Erin, the little girl who can’t sleep at night because she is worried about Zack.

In one aspect, the book reminded me of Calvin and Hobbes – Calvin worried nightly about the passel of monsters living underneath his bed. In Zach the Zombie, Erin has a zombie in her closet who refuses to stay under the house (where he would be out of sight, out of mind). Erin’s older sister does what any loving sibling would do: creates a spray to repel any zombies or other monsters to help her little sister’s peace of mind.

Some discussions this books prompts are that monsters are pretend and can’t get you, how much siblings love each other and help each other, and how even children have the power to be brave.

Physically, Zack the Zombie is like no other zombie I have heard of, but other than that the story has a cliche aspect to it. The spray the older sister makes is nothing new – you can buy a bottle of Monster Spray online for $10. I had hoped for a new creative solution. However, you can tell that the story was a labor of love for Carolyn.

The book deserves two snacks, so enter to win it plus a $10 GFC in a Rafflecopter giveaway:

2 snacks

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  1. Thanks for being part of the giveaway hop! I want to invite you to participate in Booknificent Thursday, my all-things book-related link-up party every Thursday at anytime you have a chance! We’d love to have you join our little reading community!

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