THANK YOU Fireman Small!

In honor of 9/11, today we’re reviewing a book called Fireman Small by Wong Herbert YeeI came across this book at Half Price Books and couldn’t not bring it home with us, especially with the anniversary of the tragedy coming up, giving all of us another chance to remember the great sacrifice made by so many first responders 12 years ago.

Fireman Small, Snacks for Max, 5 snacksFireman Small is about a fireman in a small town who comes to the rescue for everything from a cat up a tree, to a child down a well, to a fire at the bakery. Like the first responders at the Twin Towers, Fireman Small is brave and true of heart. He puts his own needs (like safety and sleep) aside to help others. The book tells the story of so many courageous firefighters all over the country and shares wonderful values that I want my son to embody.

fireman small 2My favorite part of the book [spoiler alert!] is when several people in town whose lives have been touched by Fireman Small gather at the firehouse to display their gratitude. This, to me, is the greatest value of the book and is what 9/11 will always be for the United States of America. Through the conversation started with this book, Max will grow up knowing that we owe a debt to not only the firefighters but also the police officers, EMTs, and other emergency officials all over the country who help us when we are in trouble.

Besides the subject matter, Fireman Small is a great bedtime book because of the rhythm of the rhyme. After each emergency, Fireman Small closes the shade, climbs into bed, and pulls up the covers.

My uncle was a firefighter for many years in Kokomo, Indiana, and I have always admired his courage. He has a new grandson and a five-year-old granddaughter who will be receiving a copy of this book for Christmas!

Because of the subject matter, the values, and the rhythm, Fireman Small deserves 5 snacks:

Snacks for Max 5 snacks


17 thoughts on “THANK YOU Fireman Small!

  1. I adore this book! I’ve read it to my three girls and am excited to read it to my first boy soon! Somehow I think he’ll love it even more than the girls did (which was a ton!) Thanks for sharing this great review at Booknificent Thursday!

  2. Wonderful find Jaymie! More books like these need to find their way into schools! I am definitely suggesting this for the little kids class rooms! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This sounds like a total hit and the illustrations are lovely. We are quite Fireman Sam obsessed in our house at the moment, so we would love this book. Thanks for hosting the Kid Lit Blog Hop

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