It’s a small world this Christmas

Prince Charming Carousel at Disney WorldWe have had a long break from the blog because we went on a special family vacation. Max was able to visit Disney World for the first time!

One of the iconic rides we went on was the It’s a Small World cruise. It was much longer than I remembered, and it was packed with images from cultures from all around the world. At this point, Max was not able to relate many of the imagery to certain countries, but it was fun for my husband and me to tell him which dolls represented which nations.

The Global Christmas Pam Renzi Ashleigh Green self-published book cover Balboa PressWhen we read The Global Christmas by Pam Renzi, I immediately thought of the Disney ride. Illustrator Ashleigh Green uses bright colors and iconic dress to symbolize many different cultures, just like Disney. The theme of the book is basically the title, that Christmas is a time of year when we need to pause any strife with other cultures and celebrate being together.

The rhyming of the text was sometimes hard to get through, but then, I’m very picky about reading books that rhyme, as readers of Snacks for Max know. Also, there are some mixed messages within the book, as gifts such as toys are featured prominently, whereas the book seems to set out to promote peace, love, and Jesus’ message rather than commercialism.

While some parts of the book could stand to be reworked, because we liked its message of a multi-cultured holiday focusing on peace, The Global Christmas deserves three snacks:

3 snacks

You can visit The Global Christmas‘ FacebookTwitter, and blog for more information on the book.


13 thoughts on “It’s a small world this Christmas

  1. Ah, i know what you mean about picky about rhyming. I am too 🙂 Thats why my poetry book selection is so small. But the ones we have we read them over and over 🙂
    -Resh @ Stackingbks

    • We really did! I’m hoping to give away all the Christmas books we review in the Holiday Gift Hop. Cross your fingers!

  2. Sounds like a great book for the upcoming season. I have to complain about your post title though. I can’t get the song “It’s a small, small world” out of my head! Thanks Jamie! Also, thanks for sending Hannah my way. We’re On the Kid Lit Blog Hop! Cheryl

  3. Yay for Disney – how fun! We haven’t taken our kids yet but maybe next year is the year. Oh, and it will be Disneyland because we’re on the West Coast. I love how there is another blogger in my midst who is as critical as me when it comes to rhyming!! lol Love it! Thanks for hosting the Hop once again. Yes, I realize I’m super-late (* hangs head in shame *)

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