A Good (and Bad) look at Washington DC for kids

One of the books Max will open for his third birthday tonight is That’s Good! That’s Bad! In Washington, DC by Margery Cuyler, illustrated by Michael Garland. I picked it up for both the fun illustrations and the look into our nation’s capitol.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 8.23.01 AM The story follows its main character The Little Boy on his class trip to the capitol and plots out his adventures in the city, giving kids a fun view of the city and all there is to do there.

The further along in the book I got as I flipped through it, the more I knew Max would enjoy it while learning a lot about this powerful city. The main reason? The Little Boy reminds me a lot of Curious George! He accidentally gets himself into scrapes, just like the little monkey we all know and love.

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 8.23.38 AMBesides a tour of the capitol, the book also gives children an example of perspective. One event will occur in the book, and at first the children might think it is good…then Garland illustrates another view of the same incident, and they realize it is also bad (or vice versa). I think this is an important lesson at Max’s age because he sees things as his way ALL the time. The concept of perspective will help him understand that there are more ways to look at things.

For the great illustrations, tour of Washington, DC, and more, That’s Good! That’s Bad! In Washington, DC deserves 4 snacks:

Snacks, Gerber


5 thoughts on “A Good (and Bad) look at Washington DC for kids

  1. First of all, Happy Birthday to Max! Thank you for sharing his birthday book with us. We visited Washington DC a little over a year ago and had so much fun. This books looks like a creative way to tour the city. Thanks for hosting the Kid Lit Blog Hop!
    ~Cool Mom for
    The Stanley & Katrina Gang

  2. What a delightful book! I love the illustrations. Thanks for sharing this book on the hop. Happy Birthday, Max!

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to Max! Three is a wonderful age. I love the name of this book. It sounds like a fabulous concept. I haven’t read the story, so I might be talking my own talk and it might not fit with the book, but I think it’s brilliant to show kids the good side and the bad side of things/life. If we try to keep them in a sugar-coated world and protected by a big glass bubble, then they will have little compassion and empathy for others. Tina from Amanda’s Books and More http://abooksandmore.blogspot.com/2014/04/more-great-photos-and-linky.html

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