Halloweensie Challenge: No Tricks, Just Treats

Susanna Leonard Hill is offering a writing challenge for Halloween, with plenty of treats for several winners. The challenge? Write a story 100 words or less, including the words “pumpkin”, “creak” and “broomstick”. Then paste your blog link in the comments of her post by midnight after you trick or treat this Friday. Read more on her blog.

My entry:

No Tricks, Just Treats

Max loved movies. One day, Max watched a movie about a pumpkin and got an idea.

He tiptoed around the house, collecting what he needed. First, he gathered a piece of orange paper and a hat. Then, he found a broomstick. Last, he grabbed the iPad.

Later, Max displayed his movie. Daddy smiled when the pumpkin dressed as a witch, gasped when a creak frightened her hat off, and chuckled when she lost her broom. Best of all, he hugged Max when another pumpkin helped pick up the hat, find the broom, and offered a Halloween treat.

Max loved movies!

If you participate in the challenge, please leave your story or link in my comments too, so I can be sure to read it. Happy Halloween, friends!


Kid Lit Giveaway Hop Holiday Extravaganza!

Kid Lit Giveaway Hop Holiday Button

Update: We have a winner! Thank you Tammy for tweeting about the giveaway. Let us know what you think of the two books you’ll be receiving in the mail! Continue reading

The SockKids Meet Lincoln Blog Tour

The SockKids Meet Lincoln by Michael John Sullivan and Susan Petrone

Welcome to the blog tour for The SockKids Meet Lincoln, by Michael John Sullivan and Susan Petrone! Max and I truly enjoyed the story and are excited that it is just one of many SockKids stories.

Scroll down to read a summary of the book, our review, the buzz, and information about the authors. Also, scroll ALL the way to the bottom to enter to win the blog tour giveaway. You could win a Grand Prize consisting of a $25 Amazon gift card (or PayPal cash) + a SockKids t-shirt. There will also be four secondary prizes consisting of a SockKids t-shirt. Once you’ve entered, visit the other blog tour links to find even more reviews about The SockKids Meet Lincoln! Continue reading

Author Interview: Wendy Leighton-Porter

Today Snacks for Max is happy to interview Wendy Leighton-Porter, author of The Shadow of Atlantis! Pop over to our blog tour post for a longer summary of the book and bio of the author, but here are the basics:

Summary: When a set of twins discovers their parents missing, they enlist their neighbor and their pet cat to time travel with them all the way to the lost city of Atlantis to find answers.


Author bio: A former teacher, Wendy Leighton-Porter lives part of the time in England and part in South-West France. She has planned fifteen books in The Shadow of Atlantis series, with seven of them complete and number eight in the works. Continue reading

The Shadow of Atlantis Blog Tour

The Shadow of Atlantis - FINAL

About the Book

Title: The Shadow of Atlantis (Shadows From the Past, Book 1)

Author: Wendy Leighton-Porter     Year Published: 2012

Publisher: Mauve Square Publishing     Pages: 196     Recommended Age: 8+

Summary (Amazon):

Ten-year-old twins Joe and Jemima Lancelot have no idea why their parents have disappeared, but a mysterious old book which had belonged to their father holds the answer…and so begins an unusual quest to discover the truth.

Together with Max, their remarkable Tonkinese cat, and Charlie from next door, the children embark on an epic adventure, traveling back in time to the lost city of Atlantis. Once there, however, they soon run into problems.

Can they save the people of Atlantis from the disaster which is about to destroy their land forever? And will they find their way back to the safety of their own time before it’s too late? Continue reading

Kidlit bloggers, get better at social media!

Okay, kid lit bloggers. Truth time. Does social media ever feel like a waste of time? Like you’re spinning your wheels? Not getting traction? No clicks, likes, fans, or opens?

According to a social media guru whose blog I read regularly, you might be making some crucial mistakes you’re not even aware of. Mistakes that could be costing you web traffic, clicks, and engagement.

Good news: You can fix your mistakes.

Better news: It’ll take you less than an hour to do so. That’s less than the time it takes to watch and learn the dance moves to Teen Beach Movie on Disney. (Yes, I did that with my toddler, but we all know it was really for me. And it was awesome.) Continue reading

Our book clubiversary

I love books, and I love talking with my friends, who also love books, about books. Last year we decided to organize our own book club. At the time, we all worked together in the same office, so we saw each other every day.

One of our book club meetings in the fall of 2012

One of our book club meetings in the fall of 2012

Now, one year later, only two of us still work at the same site (with one of those having left and come back in the meantime!), so book club is even more important to us; sometimes it’s the only time in the month that we’re all able to get together. Continue reading

Vacation reading and a surprise!

Max and I got to share our love of books with his cousins this week. We’re sharing a condo in Myrtle Beach with them, and when I told Max it was night-night book time, the two boys (7 & 8) joined us. When I pulled out our selections for the night…

  • Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book
  • Are You My Mother? (click HERE for our review)
  • The Cat in the Hat

…they looked at me goggle-eyed and asked, “You read three books every night?” I sheepishly nodded, and they enjoyed every minute of it. Continue reading

Kid Lit Giveaway Hop: It’s Children’s Book Week!

Since 1919, the United States has celebrated literacy during Children’s Book Week. According to the event’s website:

Kid Lit Giveaway Hop - Button - May 2013 - FINAL“In 1913, Franklin K. Matthiews, the librarian of the Boy Scouts of America, began touring the country to promote higher standards in children’s books. He proposed creating a Children’s Book Week, which would be supported by all interested groups: publishers, booksellers, and librarians.

“Mathiews enlisted two important allies: Frederic G. Melcher, the visionary editor of Publishers Weekly, and Anne Carroll Moore, the Superintendent of Children’s Works at the New York Public Library and a major figure in the library world. With the help of Melcher and Moore, in 1916, the American Booksellers Association and the American Library Association sponsored a Good Book Week with the Boy Scouts of America.”

In my mind, this is a truly imperative event to stress to your children because of the places reading can take them. Not only does reading allow us to learn from others’ mistakes, gain insight into people and places we would never have otherwise been able to meet or visit, and get away from our own problems for awhile, but it also expands our vocabularies and imaginations. Continue reading

National D.E.A.R. Day, once again

April 12 is National D.E.A.R. Day! I wrote a post last year for the Authors Lounge blog that still applies today. What will you read to celebrate?

I am the girl who got to the end of the lunch line in 3rd grade and looked up from my book to the cafeteria lady’s “ahem”, completely oblivious to the fact that I’d gone the whole way through the line without picking up a single item of food.

I am the girl who appeared in family videos as only the top of a head peeking out from above Anne of Green Gables while the rest of the cousins played flashlight tag.

So I might be a little biased toward reading. Continue reading