What books to buy kids this Christmas

Now that Halloween is over, Christmas takes over. Decorations come out, carols come on, and kids’ list grow and grow. To help with your gift giving, below are links to our 5 snack reviews from the past several months:

These books are great for boys and girls from birth to preschool. Will you promote literacy this holiday season? Let me know what books you give as presents!


Anybody have some crayons?

Max received not one, not two, not three, but TWELVE coloring books for Christmas. (I’m not complaining, only observing with emphasis!) We only had two to begin with, and I bought him three of the twelve. At least we won’t run out of pictures anytime soon, and this frame he opened for Christmas should always be filled.

The two coloring books we already had were these two from Warner Press:away in a manger E4638 Cover.indd

TJanuary 2012he president of the publisher happens to be a customer of my husband’s, and when he discovered that his favorite phone guy had a toddler at home, he retrieved the two coloring books, as well as an Egermeier’s Bible Storybook for Beginners out of his trunk. He immediately became our favorite of daddy’s customers!

My favorite part of the Warner Press coloring books is that they aren’t just pictures; they’re also stories. Continue reading