Halloweensie Challenge: No Tricks, Just Treats

Susanna Leonard Hill is offering a writing challenge for Halloween, with plenty of treats for several winners. The challenge? Write a story 100 words or less, including the words “pumpkin”, “creak” and “broomstick”. Then paste your blog link in the comments of her post by midnight after you trick or treat this Friday. Read more on her blog.

My entry:

No Tricks, Just Treats

Max loved movies. One day, Max watched a movie about a pumpkin and got an idea.

He tiptoed around the house, collecting what he needed. First, he gathered a piece of orange paper and a hat. Then, he found a broomstick. Last, he grabbed the iPad.

Later, Max displayed his movie. Daddy smiled when the pumpkin dressed as a witch, gasped when a creak frightened her hat off, and chuckled when she lost her broom. Best of all, he hugged Max when another pumpkin helped pick up the hat, find the broom, and offered a Halloween treat.

Max loved movies!

If you participate in the challenge, please leave your story or link in my comments too, so I can be sure to read it. Happy Halloween, friends!


Win Zack the Zombie in time for many Halloween readings!

**Update: We have a winner! Thank you to all who entered. The winning tweet came from Gaby:

Best of Summer 2013 Kid Lit Giveaway Hop

As a part of the “The Best of Summer Giveaway”, we are giving away a print copy of Zack the Zombie by Carolyn Sidwell, along with a $10 gift certificate to put toward your child’s zombie costume this Halloween! Continue reading

Pinterest Scavenger Hunt: Day 28

Are monsters too scary for not-quite-2 year olds? Max and I would say no, at least if we’re talking about the monsters in Ed Heck’s Many Marvelous Monsters.

Many Marvelous Monsters by Ed Heck

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