Happy working song – for trucks!

Max is always singing. “The ABCs”, “Jesus Loves Me”, “Twinkle Twinkle”, Lee Brice’s “I Don’t Dance”, and Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” are his favorites, but really anything can get him singing. His favorite moments of movies are the end credits, when they play music.

“Let’s get up and dance, Mommy!” he always says. Usually this is at home, though, we did boogie a week ago at the theatre after The BoxTrolls.

Sing Along Construction Song - CoverCombine this love of singing with the kid’s love of Bob the Builder and his team of trucks, and you could say that Max was a bit of a fan when we played “Sing Along Construction Song” and paged through the book. Okay, a huge fan!

Louise Lintvelt’s book follows along a construction crew (the automobiles, not the humans) as they spend a happy day at work. Illustrator Julie Sneeden does a great job of making the trucks look happy and inviting. Sung to “Round the Mulberry Bush”, the story introduces readers to the jobs of each truck, as well as to the idea that work can also be fun. I’d like Max to realize that work is not some sort of death sentence!

I should add that my four-month-old also loves to listen at story time, and – while he usually gets the smiliest baby award anyway – he laughed and smiled the whole way through this sing along.

“Sing Along Construction Song” deserves 5 snacks!

Snacks for Max 5 snacks