Lay off the baby, please!

At bedtime, I always tell my three year old that I will read him two stories, emphasis on the word story rather than book. The reason I have learned to use the word story is because once when I made the mistake of saying book he brought me his copy of Disney Storybook Collection.

“I’m sorry, sweetie, I can’t read you a book with 320 pages of stories,” I told him.

“But you said…”

I know, kid, I know. You’re too smart for me.

Anyway, not only did the Disney Storybook Collection teach me something valuable, but it also has quite a few lessons for my toddler.

disney“Donald’s Campaign Trip” teaches him the value of books; “Pinnochio” shows why disobeying and lying is a bad idea; and on and on. Last night we read the story about Pinnochio. In the story, Geppetto warns the puppet not to let a cuckoo out of its cage, but the minute his father’s back is turned, Pinnochio lets it free. Rather than confessing, the puppet blames the missing bird on Figaro the cat, then tries to get the bird back, telling a lot more lies in the process.

While we haven’t had a problem with lying yet (fingers crossed), we certainly have a problem with obeying Mommy and Daddy, especially since baby brother came home in May. Max gets jealous of the baby and acts out by pulling on Mason’s arms and legs. Mommy says stop; Max doesn’t; and that starts the not minding.

Hopefully, reading Pinnochio a few more times – and other books with a similar lesson – will help us out so poor Mason is stretched and screaming! (Actually, that’s not accurate. Nine times out of then, no matter what Max does to him, all Mason does is smile and laugh, leading Max to say, “But he likes it, Mommy!”)

Long story short, the Disney Storybook Collection earns 5 snacks:

Snacks for Max 5 snacks