Kidlit bloggers, get better at social media!

Okay, kid lit bloggers. Truth time. Does social media ever feel like a waste of time? Like you’re spinning your wheels? Not getting traction? No clicks, likes, fans, or opens?

According to a social media guru whose blog I read regularly, you might be making some crucial mistakes you’re not even aware of. Mistakes that could be costing you web traffic, clicks, and engagement.

Good news: You can fix your mistakes.

Better news: It’ll take you less than an hour to do so. That’s less than the time it takes to watch and learn the dance moves to Teen Beach Movie on Disney. (Yes, I did that with my toddler, but we all know it was really for me. And it was awesome.)

Join the web event “The 7 Social Media Mistakes You’re Making & How to Fix Them” hosted by Think Digital Academy founder, Justin Wise. 


On this web event, you’ll learn:

  • Where 80% of your social media results (more purchases, traffic, members, etc.) will come from.
  • What an editorial calendar is and why virtually nobody uses one.
  • Why “engaging the conversation” is the worse social media strategy on the planet.
  • Why online influence is more important than ever.
  • How to instantly improve your search engine rankings with social media.

PLUS, you’ll get exclusive access to a 14-minute interview with New York Times bestseller and social media powerhouse, Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary’s worked with some of the top brands in the world  and shares some of the biggest social media mistakes he sees

Screen-Shot-2013-09-05-at-1.35.24-PM-555x290Registration is free. Anyone can sign-up. I’ll be there! Get more details and join the web event by clicking here.


11 thoughts on “Kidlit bloggers, get better at social media!

  1. Interesting. I wouldn’t mind knowing what they think, though I’m always leery of anyone who says they have answers. (How cynical is that??!). Still: no question I’ve lots to learn about social media. It would probably be hard to hold a seminar that would not teach me something!

  2. Thanks, I signed up. I’m a big fan also of Marie Forleo (for general business tips – many online) and Mari Smith (Facebook), too! They are both fantastic.
    ~Christine M/Cool Mom
    for the Stanley and Katrina Gang

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